A New Beginning.

I do not know how it happened, but I loss 42 Posts under username: harrald. I am beginning again with a new username, hmcdee, and I hope to continue with my normal theme of medicine, health, personal. If some smart person locates my past posts, can you please notify me at harold.mcdaniel@gmail.com, and inform me how to recover the loss posts. Thanks.



Six months ago, I wrote I was awaiting stomach surgery to remove  cancerous polyps. I survived the surgery, and on 2 September, I return to the VA Hospital for a follow-up CAT scan. I am too old to be nervous, and it is hard to suppress thoughts about whether I might need a second surgery.


I mentioned in one former post that I sold laboratory equipment to medical schools, cancer centers, hospitals for 45 years. I am retired, yet I still receive the medical newsletters and scientific journals I did when employed. I think people like yourselves do not know or read about scientific discoveries and knowledge that can be helpful. I spent two years as an online consultant on www.medhelp.org answering questions about digestive problems. I have had digestive disorders since childhood, and I have heartburn every day of my life. I conquer the burning in my stomach with an over-the-counter(OTC) Zantac and TUMS.


I have not yet discovered how to make the written advice for health to transfer to this online publication. I shall mention the published newsletter titles so you will know it is legitimate:  Harvard Medical School, Harvard Health Letter, Volume 41, Number 11, September 2016. "Are  your medications causing nutrient deficiency? Certain medication for heartburn if taken for years can deplete your stores of Vitamin B12, Q10,Vitamin D, Calcium, Magnesium, statin drugs. Consider taken supplements of these substances if you take Prilosec, Nexium, Prevacid that are classified as PPIs(Proton-Pump Inhibitors. I took a Prilosec daily for 10 years without a problem. My doctor ordered me to stop taken PPIs that explains why I have daily heartburn.


Flu season is nearly here, so do not forget your next Flu shot to protect you this winter:  Cleveland Clinic. MEN'S HEALTH ADVISOR, Volume 18, Number 9, September 2016. It is reported in the medical journal, Vaccine, that the Flu shot is more effective if taken in the morning. I have taken the annual Flu Shot every year since 1976, and I have never had the Flu. I am lucky, as a military veteran, the Flu shot is free. The annual Flu shot can be expensive if your medical insurance does not pay for the shot. It is understandable why some people forego the Flu shot each year.



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  1. hmcdee

    7 September 2016.

    Today, the Surgical Oncology clinic at the VA Hospital in Houston, Texas, informs me the CAT Scan I had on 2 September shows no new cancerous tumors in my stomach. Hurrah, Hurrah.

    September 08, 2016