Artificial Intelligence(AI)and Sex Robots

An article appearing in the 13 July issue of Nature, The International Weekly Journal of Science, reports that as robots are being taught to read human behavior and respond in appropriate ways, sex with robots has begun.


The Foundation for Responsible Robotics in the United Kingdom aims to encourage debate about soft, sex robots. Reports that the sex industry is worth $30 billion with four companies located in the US. As long ago as 10 years, a male can purchase in California soft, female robots that resemble human-like skin and appearance with all the features of desireable women. Sometimes when no one is watching, we may watch Adult Video  conference where female robots are shown sexually interacting with humans. Since America has such mixed emotions about children born with different sexual genders, who knows whether sex robots will survive?


I watched an DVD-movie in 2016 of a researcher in the Pacific Northwest that had produced female robots for pleasure and obedience. The researcher programmed the female robots to dance and cook and play music. As the female robots became smarter, they could deduce what was being said about their future. The female robots killed the researcher, but one attractive robot put on clothes and went into town. I feel the hairs on my neck rising to think such disregard for women's rights and there could be sex-robot brothels in the future.


Those of you who are lucky to watch reruns of Twilight Zone might remember an episode of a person who was quarantined to a space colony on some asteroid for deeds against the government. In the episode, a space ship would arrive once or twice a year to bring supplies. On one visit, the commander of the space ship brought a surprise for the loney warrior: a female robot. As usual, the warrior was so pleased that he fell in love with the robot who eased his lonliness and sexual appitite. Long-story-short, the returning space-ship commander arrived and announced the warrior was free to return to Earth immediately leaving the female robot to exist no longer. It has been maybe 30-40 years since I watched the episode on Twilight Zone, and I think I remember the warrior chose to remain on the asteroid with his female robot. The robot was damaged by the crew of the space ship and remained inside a box. Today, people have fond regards for the robots that investigate and some soldiers report pleasant feelings working with robots.



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Comments (2)

  1. Munkyman

    Women have no right to hold sex hostage, if men can provide for themselves & enjoy it they certainly have that right. I don’t recall feminists being concerned about the vibrator threatening men, they considered it a tool of liberation & self determination.

    July 17, 2017
  2. jaageet

    Women are not different from sex robots except that robots would not file sexual assault complaints.

    August 02, 2017