Bob Dylan May Not Appear In Sweden To Accept Nobel Prize

Some accounts in newspapers and magazines say artist Bob Dylan may choose to bypass the annual Nobel Prize offered in Sweden.


I have enjoyed listening to Bob Dylan's ballads since 1964 when I lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico. There was a TV program named, "Hootenanny," that featured singers like Bob Dylan, Glenn Campbell, Johnny Cash, Ian & Sylvia(Canada), Joni Mitchell(Canada). I still have cassette tapes of these artists and listen to their songs on an ageing cassette player. I reordered from Amazon Bob Dylan's "Greatest Hits" for less than $7. My favorite Bob Dylan songs are from his appearance in the movie, " Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid." This series of songs are on DVDs from Amazon.


I previously mentioned that ailing John Prine's poetry and songs are becoming limited  on Amazon and other outlets, and can cost $30-$40. John Prine began singing ballads while employed with the Post Office, and the lyrics of his songs hit hard from experiences we experience every day. Lyrics  from song, " Sam Stone" goes: " There's a hole in Daddy's arm where all the money goes, and Jesus Christ died for nothing, I suppose." A later album by John Prine, "Bruised Orange" recites stories of failure and loss love. Here are a few lyrics from the album: "Throw you hands in the air and say what does it matter, for a heart stained in anger grows weak and grows bitter as you watch yourself sit there wrapped-up in a trap of your very own chain of sorrow." The world's best country singer, Hank Williams,  who died in the back seat of his Cadillac en route to perform were alive today would say John Prine sings songs and pictures from life's other side.


Recording artists I have followed for 50 years are a team, "Ian & Sylvia" from Canada. Ian Tyson now sings alone since Syvia developed an illness in her throat and left the singing team years ago. I think the early recordings of Ian & Sylvia are much improved from  single ballads sung  by Ian.


Research these mentioned artists from Google if interested.





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