Cannabinol(marijuana)May Reduce Seizures by Half in Hard-to-Treat Epilepsy

There are some interesting research papers in science and medicine that may interest you.


Go to Google and type the titles of research papers into the search box:


"Cannabinol(marijuana)May Reduce Seizures by Half in Hard-toTreat Epilepsy"(


"Sugar Cravings Cause by Liver Hormone, Study Shows."(


I have previously mentioned that 23andMe, the Google-affiliated genetic-testing company determined in a sample of my saliva that I have the genes for sweetness. I do like sweets, and I search for foods that are available without sugar, but with sugar substitues.


"Widespread Vitamin-D Deficiency Likely Due to Sunscreen Use." (


"Tomato Extracts Fights Stomach Cancer, Ripe for Further Study."(

I have been using Mega Lycopene Extract(tomatoes)for 2 years as the Vitamin-C acidic nature in tomatoes causes my heartburn. Search online if interested for extracts for cranberries, blueberries, beets, pomegranate, apples, tart cherries, chocolate.


"Nutritional Properties of Mushrooms are Better When Grilled or Microwaved."(

"The Veins in Your Brain Don't All Act the Same."(






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