Confusion with Publishers Clearing House(PCH)

I have been notified by PCH that I have met the requirements to win $1250 a month for 12 months($15,000). Like any tie in a contest , the same game is played as when being considered for a job: there is always a runner-up should the selected winner drop-out and not be present. Here is the rub: all the years I have played PCH, I explained I use my Post Office Box to collect mail as my apartment mail box is too small for envelopes. I have tried several times for PCH to acknowledge my residence as my direct address,  but no acknowledgement from PCH. The contest for Texas prize is February 24. I know that on  February 22, there will be some information about the delivered prize on February 24. Surely, PCH would have alerted me what time the welcome-wagon will arrive on February 24.


If I am not notified by PCH, I will be parked at the Post Office where my mailbox is located. I cannot believe PCH would make an event at a Post Office box. Can companies park on government property without permission? There is only my P. O. Box known to PCH. Neither my email address nor telephone number is known to PCH. Hey, If I do not receive the prize, you cannot miss something you never had! I have loss a lot of respect for PCH after playing their game for so long. For one, I received 7 final notices. Each time I assumed the final notice was final. Further, PCH has 7 divisions that deal with online lottos, and gambling devices to hook addicts using their computers as instruments. Since the games are free, it is not like visiting a casino, but leading magazines report players become so addicted that they sit for hours in front  of computers playing games and wetting their pants because they do not wish to leave a game unfinished.


I have programmed myself not to worry until February 22.



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