Crybaby: The Vitamins in Your Tears

Here is an array of recently published scientific papers on subjects  that might interest you. You can read a reporting of papers on Google.


The human body cannot manufacture vitamins and must depend on mutilvitamin supplements or food to provide vitamins. Tests are under way to collect tears from babies to document vitamins collected from baby food. In contrast, the human body can manufacture enzymes needed to bring about chemical reactions to digest foods.


Go to Google and type this title of the paper into the searchbox:  "Crybabies:  The Vitamins in Your Tears."


Some pregnant women refuse to give up drinkling alcohol and smoking marijuana. Popular hospitals now test newborn babies for marijuana and alcohol content. You read about addicted babies only a few weeks old that are addicted to marijuana and Met.


Go to Google and type this title into the searchbox:  "Testing Breast Milk for Cannabinoids."(marijuana).


Imagine the number of weapon bullets that cover combat fields-of-fire in Iraq alone. The metal bullets become buried in the soil and contaminate the earth where no plants can exist. The US Army wants to turn bullets into plant seeds. Here is an interesting article you can read about this effort. Visit Google and type this title in the searchbox:  "U.S. Army Wants to Turn Bullets into Plant Seeds."



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