DNA Testing Can Diagnose Cancer a Decade in Advance.

Public Broadcasting System(PBS)broadcasts a program of 6-7 episodes on the Brain and discussed by worldwide neuroscientists(Brain).


Until DNA testing becomes cheaper(can cost $1000), people will not know they may become victims of cancer revealed by genetic tests in which the approximate 25,000 genes each of us possesses provides evidence of future diseases. If I may, I will use myself as evidence my genes foresaw years ago that I would have malignant tumors. I have had 5 operations in 10 years to remove benign and malignant tumors and today, 27 November, no tumors exist within my digestive tract. Neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, Huntington's, Parkinson's  can be diagnosed with an DNA test or map 10 years before symptoms appear. My younger brother, also a military veteran, and I have vowed we would not allow Alzheimer's to take us. We watched our elder brother waste-away with Alzheimer's for 4 years before he died at age 84. I am age 82. My brother and I own hand-guns, and we shall use them should Alzheimer's come our way.


The Neuroscientists' discussion recently revealed that women should have planned children by age 30. Complications with male sperm  after age 35 can favor genes that cause autism in children. Generally,the first and second child born seem to collect the most intelligence than children born into a large family.I questioned being born the fourth child of five children lowered my intelligence. I earned a college degree, and  a good living during my 45-year work history.


As a military veteran,  the VA has begun a program to genetically test 1,000,000 veterans to determine whether our DNA can predict who might develop cancer and other diseases. I expect to learn in 2017 whether my DNA reveals whether I may develop more tumors years before symptoms appear. The VA will also be able to learn whether the medication prescribed by VA physicians can and have helped to make vets more healthy.


Neuroscientists in California can test astronauts headed to Mars and have their DNA results sent to Mars' colonies at the speed-of-light to reach Mars before astronauts arrive on Mars. A company, Illumina, manufactures machines to read DNA and is affiliated with Google's new medical company, Verily Life Sciences. Neuroscience and Molecular Genetics are the fields-of-science young scientists are choosing for a career.



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  1. shadowstarz

    Genetics… can provide much insight and further aid prevention via engaging in the relevant screening programs.

    November 27, 2016