Do You Dream When Sedated?

I think I dream more than anyone I know!


Every time I fall asleep whether during a nap or nightly sleeping, I remember the dreams the following morning. My brother says he never dreams, but I suspect he dreams early in the sleeping cycle  and does not recall his dreams. I wonder whether the inherited 25,000 genes each of us inherit from our parents trigger dreaming? It may be possible in 10 years or less that scientists can unlock our dreams with aid of a substance or device.


When now- expensive  DNA Kits become available, a person will have his/her genes sequenced(following a precise movement of events)that will reveal any mutated proteins(Prions)that can lead to peril. Alzheimer's is mostly caused from mutated genes or misfolded proteins (Mad-Cow Disease), and is the disease I fear most. I am elderly, so-to-speak, and the odds are greater that some of my genes(25,000 genes)will mutate leading to Alzheimer's disease. If it were 10 years ago, and if DNA maps were produced for people, I would simply give the doctor's nurse a copy of my "brain map"to help with new diagnosis.


New, DNA Kits are available for specific analysis that reveal Alzheimer's and other diseases 10 years in advance so scientists can treat the disease years before  symptoms appear. Substances known as  beta-Amyloid plaque(sticky bundles) and Tau-proteins begin to kill neurons(brain cells)so holes in the brain cells advance and humans lose thinking ability, etc. When new DNA Kits are commerically availble from your doctors' offices, a report of your affected genes will allow professionals to provide a "brain map" one can carry on a laptop or tablet if needed for analysis.


Neuroscientists(brain doctors)in California do DNA tests that presently cost $1000, and is done for specific diagnoses. If you have watched a movie on TV, "Martian," starring Matt Damon, astronauts will carry their DNA analysis before arriving on Mars. One of the DNA doctors, Dr. Craig Venter,  uses a room full of DNA sequencers for analyzing genes of people with special diseases. The same is true for veterinary medicine and plant genetics(Monsanto). Say,  in 10 years you can fly to Mars on vehicles, your DNA analysis can be sent to Mars at the speed-of-light(156,200 miles per second)before your vehicle arrives on Mars. Dr. Venter has a new book, "Life At The Speed Of Light" if interested. In the meantime, for $199, some of your DNA and genes collected from your saliva can provide knowledge up-front of some gene analysis. I know I have the genes for sweetness. I have always preferred a little extra sugar on cereal and in cookies. I try to eat  foods that are sugar-free. Sugar is the enemy! Investigate a company that analyses your spital saliva, Each person is born with 46 chromosomes(DNA)from each parent(23 chromosomes) that contain about 25,000 genes. Chromosomes carry sex cells for male and female. A 40-year-old man who has 3 sons had an operation to correct a hernia. The surgeon discovered the man still had undeveloped ovaries. Children who have the wrong sex hormones tell doctors that they are in the wrong body, and are classified as transgender. Young boys develop female breasts called gynecomastia, and are teased by their peers. To read about this phenomenon, go to Goggle and search for the new classification, "Intersex Society of North America."


I remember dreams where I am eating foods and I add sugar for my "sweet tooth."


I have had my share of surgeries, and each surgery is to correct genes that caused  cancer because of a faulty gene creating  a tumor that must be removed. As my hospital bed is led down the hallway to the Operating Room, I notice the time-clock so when I awake, I will know how long I was in the operating room. Sedation must turn-off my brain cells involved in dreaming? I never recall any dreams following an operation. There is always a void when I awake.





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