FDA Approves Electric Headband in 2016 to Fight Migraine

The FDA approval for medications and devices mean medical -insurance companies tend to pay most of the cost for device, medications.


A Belgium company with an US office manufactures an electric headband one wears for 20 minutes a day to fight migraine. Read the article on Google:  "FDA Approves Electric Headband to Fight Migraine. The device sends electrical impulses to the brain that commands the nerve centers to reduce pain. The name of the company is Cefaly.


A second device to fight migraine pain has been reported in the journal, Bioscience Technology this March. This device is a wireless patch worn on the body, probably an arm or leg, may reduce migraine pain as well as drugs. Visit  Google and search for:  "Wireless Patch May Reduce Migraine Pain as Well as Drugs."


A new paper reported in Laboratory Equipment  says MRI scans can spot HIV in brain. You know the drill, go to Google and type, "MRI Scans Can Help Spot HIV in Brain.


To spice-up your reading, Men's Health reports that lesbians can teach you about the female orgasm. Go to Google and search:  "3 Things Lesbians Can Teach You About the Female Orgasm.''



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