Follow-up on March 22 Blog on Migraine

Scientists in Israel have produced a second device that sends electrical impulses to the brain to delay migraine attacks. A company named Theranica Ltd. says the wireless device is in the form of a patch and may reduce migraine pain as well as medicine.


Go to Google and search for this title:  "Wireless Patch May Reduce Migraine Pain as Well as Drugs."


Marathron runners may cause short-term kidney injury from the force placed on their internal organs like the kidney. Persons have reported pain in the mid-torso only to learn they have caused their stomach to drop several inches(dropped stomach) as well as pressure on the joints of the feet and legs.


Search Google for: "Marathon Running May Cause Short-term Kidney Injury."


Most people over age 50 know that blueberries are good for the brain. I eat blueberries every morning and take blueberry-extract pill that is equal to many servings of blueberries. Read about this  at Google:  "Blueberry Concentrate Improves Brain Function in Older People."


You might want to learn there are a good supply of fruit and vegetable extracts you can take that are cheaper than buying the raw fruit and vegetables. Here is a parcel list of extracts you can purchase online:  Beetroot(Beets)

            Brocco Max(Broccoli)

            Cruciferous Vegetable(Cabbage, Broccoli, Cauliflower)



            Tart Cherry Extract(Tart Cherries)

            Pomeranate Complete

           Enhanced Berry Complete(15 berries) 

           Mega Lycopene(Tomatoes, Cantaloupe)

           Dark Cocoa Extract(CocoaVia Brand) 






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