Here Are Some Stories From Science You Can Read On Google

Why we walk on our heels instead of toes.

Long ago when I was in the US Army Chemical Corps, I would notice some soldiers who walked on their toes instead of heels. Payday in the military services happens once a month, so soldiers learn after a few months how fast their base pay can disappear. Payday meant most soldiers(GIs or Government Issues)would go to the PX(Post Exchange) to buy beer and cigarettes and waste money on items that were purchased at will.


I remember seeing the same guys(civians or non-military)hanging around the PX on paydays. A few of the guys could spot soldiers walking on their toes instead of heels that meant they were easy to knock-over and rob. Some soldiers on payday would flash their money so many could see, and the smart guys would push the guys with cash exposed and knock-them-over and steal their money.


Here is a report from the University of Arizona appearing in Laboratory Equipment magazine that might interest you. Go to Google and type this title into the searchbox: "Why We Walk on Our Heels Instead of  Toes."


When I was a kid, I had hair that was nearly uncombable and looked like I was wearing an "Afro Wig." My Dad would instruct the local barber to cut my hair short because I looked out-of-place with so much hair.


Visit Google and type this title into the searchbox to read: "Why Do Some Kids Have Uncombable Hair?"


Another first from the American Chemical Society: 
"Fast-cooking Dry Beans Provide More Protein, Iron than 'Slower' Varieties." Go to Google and read.


It is important that when we sleep at night to get enough REM-sleep so we do not feel tired when we awake. Sometimes when I am partially awake from sleep early in the morning, I feel like I am paralyzed like medical operations where doctors add anesthesia that locks our muscles and keep us still.


Read how neurons(brain cells)paralyze our bodies during REM sleep. Again, visit Google and type this heading into the searchbox: "Neurons Paralyze Motor Function During REM Sleep."






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