High Levels of Chemicals Found in Indoor Cats

It  makes sense that indoor pets can absorb chemicals in our homes and apartments from dust and emissions from  rugs and wooden furniture.


Experts warn that parents instruct their small children who love their pets not to kiss their pets on the face. Cats carry feline viruses that can be transmitted to humans, and cat straches to the face and skin of people can harbor diseases that can harm people.


Visit Google to read the latest report from the University of Stockholmn, Sweden, about cats:  "High Levels of Chemicals  Found in Indoor Cats."


Many people when asked to identify the largest organ in the human body  quess wrong. You would think that maybe the lungs or digestive tract are the largest, but the skin covers more surface-area than the mentioned organs. 3-D printers were first announced to recreate parts for objects like automobiles. The University of Madrid, Spain, has demonstrated new 3-D technology to print   human skin. Shriners Hospitals who have burn-centers to treat children may be the ideal candidate to use 3-D printers to replace human-skin grafts. Go to Google and search for: "Scientists Create 3-D Bioprinter to Print Human Skin."



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