How To Play Publishers' Clearing House(PCH)And Win

I previously reported in an earlier blog that I returned envelopes to PCH for 27 years and did not win a prize. At the time, I only invested a first-class stamp.


To understand how to play PCH, observe and make a note of the beginning and ending dates of the prize you are seeking. The rules say a purchase does not help your chances of winning. This statement refers to the grand prize, now $7,000 a week for life. There are many lesser-grand prizes you can qualify to win. The hype is strong for you to place an order when returning the envelopes to PCH. I knew in advance how many weeks the contest would run, and if I returned 1 or 2 envelopes per week, I would know approximately the costs of placing orders: $12.95 to $27.95.


The majority of products offered by PCH are made in China, and most likely you can buy the same or similar product at the Dollar Store or at Amazon for a few dollars. The grand prize for $7,000 a week for life ends on 19 October. Most of the lesser prizes end the same day or a few weeks later. For example, if you are eyeing a prize, returning the envelopes with an order increases the odds of winning. I am trying for a prize for Texas players of $1,500 a month for 12 months. The longer you return the envelopes with an order, the greater you increase your odds of winning. During the running-time of the contest that interest me, PCH may increase the payout from $1,500 a month to $3,000 a month for 12 months. Keep a cool head and only order products you can use. I would say I can use 90% of the products I purchased. Today, 15 October, PCH raised the total of the prize I am seeking to a flat $40,000 up-front plus $3,000 a month for 12 months. Hello, IRS!


I viewed my online bank account, and I placed 10 orders during the time the contest runs, and I spent $287. An old saying says, "you must spend money to make money." Twenty-seven years ago, I could not afford to spend money each week for a silly contest. Married people living within a budget would not spend money for a contest. It appears if you are married or have a child in college, tough consideration is required before returning envelopes each week with an order for X-number of weeks.


The grand prize of $7,000 a week for life will be announced on the NBC Morning Show by the end of October. I shall keep you informed whether I got lucky and won something.





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