I Would Like To Tell Publishers Clearing House(PCH) To Pee Or Get Off The Pot!

Publishers Clearing House has strung me along since July 2016 assuring me I should win the giveaway in February 2017. I have faithfully placed an order each time I receive a notice from PCH. There are 140,000,000 chances to one to win $5,000 a week for life. I have chosen to seek the prize of $1295 a month for one year. This prize is for Texas only, and I assume there are similar prizes for each state in the nation. The reason you cannot give-up is there are several ongoing giveaways for lesser-size prizes. A placed order increases your odds of winning  cash prizes  and a 2017 Lincoln MXK car valued at $55,000. I was led-on in the beginning to think the contests ended in October 2016. I have received 5 final notices thinking only one notice was final.


I mentioned in an earlier post that I received a special letter advising me to quickly logon  and submit an activation code: PC301. In July 2016, I received a similar activation code: PC301. The letter explains that this code means your entry has special chances for the Final Winner List on February 24. The weekly hype I receive from PCH praises me for my past history of placing orders. I question whether PCH would admit so much hype and not reward me with some prize, maybe pay for the orders I placed and the postage. Here is how the system works: Fliers are mailed with a list of products you can buy. The pricing structure is for 4 payments of $2.99; $3.99; $4.99; $5.99. You can pay on 1/4 of the payment at a time to reduce the price. However, you need to be an excellent bookkeeper to remain in charge if you pay one payment of four. I pay the full price to eliminate any problems.


My patience with PCH is wearing very thin, but it would be unwise to stop participation this close to the final prize. I am sure the Post Office will be pleased when I stop receiving so many paid products a week stuffed into my postal box. Publishers Clearing House found entries I placed 23 years ago and alerted me to participate in  new giveaways.


I will give an account of the final contest on  February 24.





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