Mixed Results for Testosterone Research in Men.

Men who are considering purchasing Testosterone Gel might wish to read the latest results published in JAMA--Journal of American Medical Association.  I read in the paper and on TV commericals that men are flocking to GNC to purchase testosterone that can cost $50-$60.


Go to Google and type Journal of American Medical Association. When the page opens, click on JAMA-- Research and Reviews. The next page will bring-up the research data about testosterone. The article is a little long, so you may wish to  bookmark the article and read it at your leisure. The results of research was performed on older men and should allay any questions that using testosterone will return the fountain-of- youth in men. The good news is testosterone-use can improve bone density in the spine. The negative news is use of testosterone products will increase plaque within the arteries that can increase the chances of  heart attacks. No improvement in mental benefits was noted.


I live in Houston, Texas, and the local Baylor College of Medicine(BCM) has a contract to staff the VA Administration Hospital with doctors and scientists. Three years ago, I received an invitation from BCM at the VA Hospital to join a small list of older men to test testosterone gel to determine whether there are benefits to using a testosterone-patch  in a blind trial. I submitted a sample of my blood to test my testosterone level. Generally, men who have testosterone levels below 300 ng/dL(nanograms per deciLiter) are advised by medical personnel to consider using testosterone for various reasons. I received a phone call from BCM alerting me that my testosterone-level  was too high to qualify for the trial. My testosterone-level or T-level was 545 ng/dL. I was advised to have my testosterone-level checked again in 5 years.


Humans are born with two sex cells designated as "XX" for women and "XY" for men. Women can possess too much testosterone in their body that can lead to hot flashes and make you horny.  Mini-clinics within larger supermarket-chains can collect blood and send it to an affiliated, medical center for analysis.




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