My Ongoing Saga with Publishers Clearing House(PCH).

I mentioned in a post in November about positive exposure with PCH. Today, 6 December, I received a new letter from PCH alerting me to expect a special letter in colors of red, white, blue in two days. The contest I have been following will announce a winner for the Texas prize that I have been seeking: $3,000 a month for one year. I also qualify for a chance at the main prize of $10,000 a week for life. A brochure within the printed matter says the odds of winning the super prize is 145,000,000 to 1. I do not allow myself to dream about any venture when the odds of not winning are so great.


Additions to the Texas prize is $1,000 a month for a year plus a new 2016 Lincoln worth $50,000. I am told that I also qualified for $45,000 announced in November. I think people who are employed with companies like PCH must receive applause every morning to get their inspiration recharged. I was in  Sales for a long time, and I know companies, mostly insurance companies, have morning rituals like cheerleaders singing songs, etc. The weekly hype from PCH is the strongest I have ever encounted, but I just follow the facts and wait to be surprised.


I use Yahoo as my Desktop homepage, and about once a week on the homepage is an announcement the  US Federal Government may stop paying seniors, like me, Social Security checks in 2017. It is hard to believe the federal government will allow such a move, but I decided to try and find ways to increase my income should the monthly checks(or direct deposit)end. I chose PCH as one mode of trying to receive monies to help me should my Social Security income become threatened.


I will have a follow-up to my saga with PCH as the deadline for the contest is 23 December.



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