Naughty Limericks Will Keep You Smiling.

Waiting for sleep to find me at 3AM, I recall a book I purchased in 1977 on limericks.


Google defines limericks as:  " A kind of humorous verse(poetry)of five lines, in which the first, second, and fifth lines rhyme with each other, and the third and fourth lines, which are shorter, form a rhymed couplet(lines of verse).

Limericks began in gathering places in Limerick, Ireland,  in the 1800s.


Here are several examples of naughty limericks: The Plutonian male is so small

                                                                  1.            He lives in the vaginal wall.

                                                                                 He dreams of seductions,

                                                                                 Wild rapes and abductions---

                                                                                 Much like you and me, after all.  

                                                                  2.            A horny young sailor named Clark

                                                                                 Once picked up a slut in the park.

                                                                                 She was ugly and crude,

                                                                                 And a horror when nude,

                                                                                 But was good for a fuck in the dark.


                                                                    3.          There was a young lady from Vasser,

                                                                                 At screwing none could surpass her.

                                                                                 So she went up to Yale

                                                                                 And peddled her tail

                                                                                 From the Bulldog up to the Headmaster.   


                                                                   4.          There once was a Russian named Boris

                                                                                Fell in love with a stuffed brontosaurus.

                                                                                Each night you could see him

                                                                                In the Moscow museum,

                                                                                As he diddled that Stone Age clitoris.


                                                                  5.           A businesslike harlot named Draper

                                                                                Once tried an unusual caper.

                                                                                What made it so nice

                                                                                Was you got it half-price

                                                                                If you brought in her ad  from the paper.


There are more than 2500 such limericks in a book titled, " The New Limerick by G. Legman."


Quiz Google for more choices of books containing limericks.









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