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(42 blogs I had composed were loss under a former username:  Harrald. I may dip into my memory and recall some blogs here on Thoughts under my present username: hmcdee).


The color red has always been my favorite color. I also like colors of blue. green, yellow. Colors produced by a rainbow:  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. Remember these colors as ROY G BIV.


One advantage of being old is you witnessed a time with bright colors that not many young people remember or ever knew existed.


I was drafted into the U.S. Army Chemical Corps in 1958. During this time, a neurochemist  named Dr. Hoffmann of McGill University in Quebec, Canada, experimented with chemicals that affected the mind and formulated a popular compound called Lysergic Acid Diethyl Amide(LSD). One of my duties in the Chemical Corps was to administer cubes of sugar laced with LSD. Volunteers would ingest the laced LSD, and I was to observe and report the behavior of volunteers. Many volunteers became very happy and giddy and could not stop talking and describing the beautiful colors they witnessed during their drug-induced episodes. I had taken LSD as the volunteers to report my true feeling and excitement. I was told I just sat smiling the whole time and rocking back and forth like Stevie  Wonder singing a song.


The mind-set of the American military generals in 1958-1960 wanted to know whether an enemy sprayed LSD from airborne vehicles would cause fighting-men to lay-down their   arms and go skipping-way singing songs. A Harvard professor named Tim Leary experimented with LSD and became the main player in LSD-parties and lectured about how wonderful LSD could bring you glee. A researcher named Dr. Olsen was tricked into trying LSD and tried to walk out of an 11-story window and fell to his death. The military canceled all research with LSD. Dr. Hoffman became owner of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Switzerland. 


An artist who drew and painted posters exhibiting the colors expressed under the use of LSD remains alive and lives in New York. The artist, Peter Max, became associated with LSD-themed exhibitions selling his drawings and posters. Go to Google and search  for, to see examples of his works. I do not know whether his works shown on websites can be saved  via PCs.



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