Post-Office Boxes and UPS-Store Boxes Simplify Your Life

I have maintained the same Post-Office Box for 25 years to receive magazines, parcels, junk-mail and any mail you do not want sent to your residence.


I traveled for my companies for 40 years, and had problems  receiving mail. Some packages sent to my residence-address were lost or stolen. I needed a safe place  like the Post Office to collect my mail while I was "on-the-road" traveling for my companies. My present Post-Office box has been in the same building for 25 years, and most postal clerks recognize me because I have maintained a postal box for so long. I chose a larger box, two sizes below the largest box, called a "drawer" which allows all mail to be deposited. Occassional large parcel requires I wait at the postal counter 15-20 minutes to sign and pickup the parcel. The price of a postal box has increased/decreased over the years, and I renewed the box rent in May for $125 a year. It is cheaper to pay the price for a large, safe mail box to receive important letters and packages than to gamble your mail will reach you. New Braunfels, Texas, 25 miles between San Antonio and Austin, Texas, has the largest smoked-meat facility in the nation. Twice in 25 years, orders for smoked meats I ordered from my apartment were stolen after being delivered to the leasing office. Quiz Google for the address of New Braunfels Smoke House, New Braunfels, Texas.


Because of my working-life "on-the-road," companies would send packages to me at my mail box that were too large to fit into the mailbox, and I had to play the game of waiting a long time to pick-up packages at the Post Office. I investigated whether maintaining a mail box and large packages at an UPS Store near where I live might work for me. Of course, UPS rates are higher than federal rates to receive large packages. I was able to buy the smallest mail box at UPS that qualifies me to receive any size package at an UPS Store. I pay the rent twice a year that totals about the same price annually as mail boxes at the Post Office. UPS Stores are also safe, and I have ordered PCs and office chairs delivered to an UPS Store. Amazon loves UPS Stores, and if you purchase from Amazon a "prime account" for $99 a year, and if your order totals $35 and more, Amazon can ship packages in two days. It is hard to believe you can receive packages sent to you from Amazon so quickly. Amazon has opened a new facility in Houston, Texas, my hometown, and I can expect, if I want to, delivered packages in one day and on Sundays. Again, I am single, living alone, and the added expenses of safe shipments to a store fits my lifestyle. If you have experienced the same problems I faced with stolen packages, investigate a Post-Office box or a box at an UPS Store near you. The Post Office gives you a special key that cannot be remade on a machine. I remember when Postal Inspectors(federal-law personnel) arrested a man for trying to use a fake key for one of the mailboxes in the Post Office building where my box is located. I watch local news on TV that show hidden cameras persons have installed on their property, and you can see thiefs run to a house and steal packages companies have delivered to your residence door.



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