Publishers Clearing House(PCH) Sent A Letter To Me About A Winning Number





Today, 20 October, I received an official letter from PCH that a number I returned earlier is a winning number and choices of prizes are a check for $45,000 or an 2017 Ford Pick Up Truck. I shall call an 800 number on Thursday and say I am a person, not a robot, and which prize will I select. The deadline to notify PCH of my choice of prizes is 3 November.


Why would PCH notify me about a winning prize if the offer is not legit? Still, until I receive the check for $45,000, I will believe it when the check is in my hand. There is less collectable federal tax if I choose the Ford truck. I will report my windfall when it is in my hand. "Show Me The Money?"


I tried to scan the letter to my PC, but I had a problem uploading the letter to my  home page on Thoughts. Sorry.



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