Russia Has Long Been a Haven for Spies

Russia has long granted many unfavorable persons asylum in the country.


Snowden who worked for the US National Security Agency(NSA)stole classified secrets and announced he was moving to Russia away from US authorities. Snowden's 4-year stay in Russia ends in early 2017. He has asked President Obama to pardon him so he can return to the US. International experts say Snowden may expect jail-time if he returns to the US when his free tour of Russia ends. Snowden after prison can surely find a job selling shoes at Sears!


The NSA is located on the reservation of US Army Base, Ft. Meade, Maryland. The NSA has 40 acres of mainframe computers buried underground to spy on the world. There are 100 words, red flags, like Bomb, Iran, Iraq, TNT, etc., that immediately activates orders to investigate. Most of us know that our phone calls and emails are monitored by the NSA looking for evidence like red flags.


Recently, the US sent 1000 spies to cover the International Olympics in Brazil. It is hard to find any knowledge of this order, but President Obama had to order the visit to Brazil.


The first superspy that ever existed was a Russia-born Jew, British M-I6 spy named Goldberg(Goldburg)who in 1903 caused trouble for Russia and his arrest was ordered by the head of the spy agency.  Goldburg formulated a plan to swim a certain river and faked his drowning. Goldburg's body was never recovered, and he reinvented himself  as "Sidney Reilly." Goldburg was not noticed too much because he was short and did not look like a spy.  Spies were male and female and handsome. Goldburg was a declared "ladies man" and romanced many women before his death was ordered by Stalin.


In 1983, HBO Home Video produced a series of 12 episodes highlighting Reilly and named the series, "Reilly: The Ace of Spies." I still own this series on VHS tapes, but I no longer own an VCR machine. An VCR machine can bring $100 online. It is reported that VHS tapes and VCRs may return soon. I hope so because without an VCR machine, I cannot enjoy this series again. Try eBay for used VCRs, and tapes  of Reilly for $30. Verify whether the tapes are DVD or VHS.


Sam Neill, a New Zealand actor,  portrays Reilly and does an excellent job. You have seen Sam Neill's work as a commander on  TV and movies, "The Search for Red October." Go to Google to read about Reilly.



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