Some People Become Prisoners Within Their Own Bodies

People can be so cruel when they condemn someone who smells differently as them!


Enzymes are chemical substances that can act as catalysts that  speed-up or slow-down reactions in the human body without being affected by the change. For example, the human body converts sucrose, dextrose, table sugar into glucose and stores it to provide energy to operate our bodies. The Sun's ultraviolet rays falling on the skin converts a substance,a type of cholesterol,  in human skin to manufacture Vitamin D in 15-20 minutes. An enzyme in male testosterone converts testosterone into dehydrotestosterone(DHT) in human scalp. Too much of DHT produces sebum, an oily substance that can clog hair follicles and cause men's hair to fall out. A balding man with  shining forehead alerts the world that his DHT is causing his baldness.

I worked for a company 20 years ago  in Boston that nearly crucified a young, female employee because she produced too much body odor. During an annual sales meeting, I noticed this young woman was not allowed to eat in the cafeteria, and her desk was placed about 25 feet away from other employees' desks. It appeared at the time that the young woman emitted a fishy-odor and odor of human-bodily waste. This medical condition was identified  years later as "Tri-Methyl-Amin-Urea"(TMAU). This condtion occurs because an enzyme is missing from the body and causes the body to emit a foul odor when standing still, walking, talking, breathing.


Twelve years ago, I learned I had a tumor growing inside my inner ear that affected my hearing and balance. I would become ill from riding in automobiles or looking upward or riding in elevators and riding on ferries. The tumor had probably been growing in my ear for 20 years. When I failed a hearing test, the Audiologist referred me to an Ear, Nose, Throat(ENT)physician. An fMRI(functional MRI-scan)showed a tumor(acoustic neuroma) sitting atop the acoustic nerve that regulates hearing and balance. To reach the tumor, surgery required a procedure that could not save hearing and balance in my right ear. The nerve- junction included a branch nerve that controls sense-of-taste. All foods and drinks had a strong, metallic taste, so I ate little every day and loss 30 pounds.

I learned about a company in Philidelphia called Monell Chemical Senses Center that is the world's authority on smell and taste. I was assured my sense-of-taste would return in about 6 months, and it did.  I also learned that Monell,, was an authority on TMAU and can refer stricten people to the Univerity of Colorado in Denver for testing and instructions how to reduce the awful odor produced by the body.


Years after my job in Boston, I learned the young lady with TMAU quit her job and became a recluse in her home and attempted suicide not knowing her body-odor syndrome had been identified and affected people could receive medical advice how to live their lives.



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