U. S. Post Office Delivered a Package That is 2 Years Late

I do not know how it happens, but my posts disappear from the home page, yet appear when you click My Posts.


I have mentioned before that I am a military veteran who served two years in the U. S. Army Chemical Corps in 1958-1960. I receive excellent medical attention from the VA Administration Hospital in Houston, Texas. Local Baylor College of Medicine has a contract to staff the hospital and treatment is constantly upgraded. This hospital won honors when other VA Hospitals received poor marks for delaying service to veterans.


I visit the hospital twice a year for check-ups unless I have a procedure that can require several days. Veterans from all American Wars are present, and many wear caps displaying their branch of service. The hats are for sale in the canteen where no sales tax is charged. Smart vets who purchase electronics can save hundreds of dollars on HDTVs. I still have most of my hair, so I do not need a cap. However, I thought I would like to purchase a cap if I could display my branch of service, but not one vender knows the U S Army has a Chemical Corps located in Maryland. I remember seeing an advertisement for military insignia at an Army/Navy Store online. I inquired whether the store could sell to me insignia for the Chemical Corps. I ordered the insignia two years ago expecting delivery in two weeks as promised. None of my emails to the Army/Navy Store were answered, so I forgot about the incident, until Friday 18 February when the Post Office delivered the overdue package.


I have maintained a postal box at one Post Office branch near where I live. I have renewed the annual box rent for 20 years. A postal clerk told me no other box holder has kept a postal box as long as I. I tried to move-up to a larger box, but  I cannot still use my postal-box number. I remarked that the Post Office simply needed to remove the number plate from my box and stick it on a larger box. I am retired and I do not let matters affect me anymore. I only worry about matters I can control. Every day is a new day when I can sleep late and visit where I please.


Thoughts are running through my head that I may not live until 2020 when my drivers' license expires. I am in excellent health for my age, 82, and most of my old buddies have died. I have a will and instructions to cremate me when my time comes. I have modest investments plus Social Security income that provides for my needs. One good deed of being a military veteran is you learned about discipline and order so my bags are packed should I require medical care and instructions posted in my apartment should I awake dead some morning.  Anyway, "life is hard, then you die."



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