Watching Some TV Movies Remind Me of My Lack-of-Education as a Boy.

I purchased the final DVD for "Justified" from Amazon for $9.


This TV series takes place in the State of Kentucky where early employment for many guys meant working in coal mines. It appears the educational level for many was low as money for college was scarce. Neuroscientists(Brain, Nerves)have discussed on PBS programs that one's lack-of-education is caused from parents having children past a woman's 30th birthday and a man's 35th birthday. My Mother was age 40 when I was born and my Dad was age 41. I have questioned my intelligence-level being born the 4th child of 5 children. I recall I made some dumb moves as a child in the First, Second, Fourth Grade. Growing-up in Arkansas in the 1940s,   I barely recall the First Grade, and I needed a tudor in the Fourth Grade. I was spanked by teachers in the 5th, 6th, and 8th grades, and I do not remember why I caused the teachers to spank me. I have been dyslexic since childhood, and I must read and reread correspondence maybe five times before I discover errors. I shall reread this post  five times to discover errors. Classmates at university would read my essays and alert me of misspelled words my brain failed to see. I graduated from Arkansas State University with an BS degree in Microbiology. I kept my dyslexia secret from my parents and friends. I always considered myself as broken, but never a failure.I never married because I would make a lousy husband.


Watching episodes of "Justified" makes me sad because I recall my childhood and incidents at school I shall never forget. I lay awake for hours tonight, 16 April, and decided to vent my sadness in composing this post. I learned that if one writes about his/her troubles on paper or PC,  the knowledge you store in your brain is beneficial.



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