When Did Cursing, Profanity Begin?

I previousy mentioned that I have a curse that causes certain words I have heard, read make me remember incidents or movies I watched,  or books and poems I read.


If you have DIRECTV or cable, you can watch reruns of a movie called "The Hateful Eight" on Showtime or HBO.This movie plot takes place in a weigh-station cabin in Wyoming during winter in 1870s. I know that movie-versions of books add modern-day cursing to give the scenes some vigor. Modern cursing in this movie is heavy, and I think cheapens the novel on which the movie is based in the West after the Civil War. I doubt whether modern curse-words were known in the 1870s.


A few years ago, there was a popular TV series called,"Deadwood." Again, the time is the 1870s, and modern cursing really takes-away from the story. Surely, modern curse-words used to depict  life in saloons seem out-of-place. The Deadwood series was based on true accounts of the West then and the clothing selected for the actors were chosen by fashion experts who knew how to dress villians of the day in 1870-1880. I think, but do not know, that the series was based  on a  novel, "Deadwood, " written by a South-Dakota resident, Pete Dexter, in 1989 who wrote several screenplays for movies based on his novels.


JB Hickok(Wild Bill)Hickok plays a prominant sheriff in the township of Deadwood and is assissinated by a drifter who claims Hickok cheated him in cards. The phrase, "Aces and Eights" refer to the numbers and letters of the pocker-hand dealt to Hickok before his death. Wild Bill was buried outside of Deadwood in 1877. A Native American named, Chief Joseph, of the Nez Perse Indian tribe, surrendered to  General Howard of the US Calvary in 1877 in the same state where Hickok was murdered. 


Pete Dexter spent 20 years writing for newspapers and has great experience writing novels. I have read all of Pete Dexter books and watched movies based on his novels. I prefer his novels, "Paris Trout" and "Deadwood." If you wish to read some novels of the old West, visit Google for data on Pete Dexter.



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