Woman in England Becomes Pregnant from Having Anal Sex

Surgeons are in the news!


A woman who may have had prior, botched surgery becomes pregnant. It appears that the botched surgery accidently connected a woman's uterus with her rectum, and during anal intercourse, some sperm leaked into the uterine cavity that later caused pregnancy. Doctors say it is extrememly rare with odds 1,000,000 to 1 for a woman to become pregnant from anal intercourse. Go to Google and search for:  "Woman Becomes Pregnant from Having Anal Sex."


A man reported to surgery to have a hernia operation. The man is father to three sons, and when the surgeon opened the section to correct the hernia, found undeveloped ovaries.To read about this phenomenon and other subjects about transgender identifications, go to Google and search for "Intersex," the newest term to explain how our chromosomes can betray us at an early age.


I always wondered when is the best time during the day to take your vitamins. I eat a large breakfast, so I take my vitamins after eating breakfast. To read about the choice when to take vitamins: search for "When to Take Your Vitamins:  Timing is Key to Effectiveness."



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